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Top 5 Tips To Treat Bad Breath

30 October 2018 By collins

Have you ever greeted someone to be confronted with their bad breath? Then wondered if that has ever been you? Do you offer a mint, or pretend it doesn’t exist? Bad breath is embarrassing and yet, not uncommon. Read on to discover a variety of bad breath causes and what you can do to ensure you’re not a victim!

Bad Breath Causes

It is important to understand that there are many underlying causes of bad breath. Bad dental hygiene is a big contributor to bad breath. Neglecting to brush your teeth causes a build-up of plaque, which can lead to two things. Firstly, bacteria feed off plaque. Therefore, more plaque leads to more bacteria which leads to a higher chance of bad breath.  Secondly, the accumulation of plaque can destroy the teeth and gum tissue which leads to gum disease, which the bacteria love!

Diet plays a big factor where foods that are spicy or odorous, such as garlic and onion, can have negative effects on your breath. This is because they contain sulphur compounds which are very smelly. Bacteria feed off refined and processed sugars, so keep these to a minimum. Likewise, coffee and juices are very acidic and create an ideal bacteria breading environment.

A dry mouth is another perfect environment for bad breath causing bacteria. This is why most people have bad breath in the morning. Things, like drinking alcohol, smoking, snoring, and talking for long periods of time, are causes for dry mouth, and thus bad breath.

Certain illness’ and diseases can sadly result in bad breath. Individuals who suffer from diabetes, lung disease, liver disease, cancer and many more, experience chronic bad breath. Similarly, certain medications such as high blood pressure medication cause dry mouth which leads to bad breath.

So how do we get rid of bad breath?

1 – Dental Hygiene

Teeth must be brushed twice a day for at least two to three minutes as well as flossing. Brushing and flossing teeth remove food and plaque that bacteria feed off which cause bad breath. If you’re really concerned an additional brushing of the teeth with baking soda will reduce acidity, making it even harder for the bacteria to grow.

2 – Don’t Forget Your Tongue

Your tongue is actually the main attraction for bad breath causing bacteria. When brushing your teeth make sure you brush your tongue too. Alternatively, invest in a tongue scraper for a deep clean.

3 – Rinse Your Mouth

After you’ve brushed your teeth, rinse your mouth with salt water or a plaque-reducing mouthwash. This aids in reducing the oral bacteria that cause bad breath and leaves you with minty fresh breath.

4 – Replace Your Toothbrush

Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months as a worn-out brush is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is transferable to your mouth (yuck!) causing bad breath. Forgot how old your toothbrush is? A good sign it needs replacing is when the bristles are all worn out.

5 – Drink Water

The simplest thing to rid bad breath is to drink plenty of water. Frequently drinking water increases saliva production which washes away food and bacteria. Similarly, chewing sugar-free gum has the same effect, and tastes better!

Remember, before you try any DIY home remedies, it’s important to talk to your dentist. Or if in doubt, book an appointment online or call the team at CPD on (03) 9654 5704.