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Gum Disease Symptoms & Treatment – The Surprising Truth About Bleeding Gums

12 June 2018 By collins

The real reason your gums are bleeding

One of the biggest misconceptions dentists come across is that people believe that bleeding gums is a sign of brushing too hard, and hence ease back with their brushing habits.

This information is wildly incorrect, rather bleeding gums are in most cases a sign of gum disease. They are caused by inadequate plaque removal, in which the plaque attacks the gums leaving them inflamed and painful.

What can you do?

Brush your teeth

In this situation, though it may seem wrong, the best thing for your gums is to brush more. This does not mean to over brush which can, in fact, result in further damage, but brush your teeth properly and in full to ensure they are properly cleaned. Following up with flossing is another way to increase the health of teeth and gums.

Look at what you’re using

You may be achieving everything in the way of dental hygiene; brushing, flossing and dental visits. If bleeding gums are still an issue it may be the tools your using. Though a hard or medium toothbrush bristle may seem more effective, it may actually be a cause for irritation in which you should consider a softer bristled brush. It will still effectively clean your teeth without and gum irritation.

Consider your diet

What you eat and drink also plays a big part in the health of your teeth and gums. Foods high in sugar and simple carbs can facilitate an environment for plaque to grow in your mouth. Try and stick to a cleaner diet to keep your mouth healthy, it does not mean you have to cut them out completely but consider smaller amounts of them and brushing after consuming them.

See your dentist

Your dentist is able to perform a detailed analysis of your teeth and what it may be that is affecting them. Subsequently, you can be diagnosed and treated correctly. Try to visit your dentist on a regular basis as a way of taking preventative measure and avoiding a situation where your gums may bleed.

Remember, before you try any DIY home remedies, it’s important to talk to your dentist. Or if in doubt, book an appointment online or call the team at CPD on (03) 9654 5704.

Bleeding gums can generally be maintained and go away on their own when taken care of. But, ensure to take care if any symptoms appear given things can change quickly and could result in gum disease.  The best way to avoid gum disease is take the preventative measures like brushing, flossing and visiting a dentist regularly. Visit Collins Precision Dental here, or contact us on (03) 9654 5705.