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You Don’t Want To Be That Person – Top 5 Tips To Rid Bad Breath

By collins 2 August 2018

Have you ever greeted someone to be confronted with their bad breath? Then wondered if that has ever been you? Do you offer a mint, or pretend it doesn’t exist? Bad breath is embarrassing and yet, not uncommon. Read on [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear The Dentist

By collins 14 June 2018

Face the Facts - Why fearing the dentist is the least of your worries One of society’s biggest fears is going to the dentist. It is a fear that starts young and either disappears or manifests into something greater as [...]

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The Surprising Truth About Bleeding Gums

By collins 12 June 2018

The real reason your gums are bleeding One of the biggest misconceptions dentists come across is that people believe that bleeding gums is a sign of brushing too hard, and hence ease back with their brushing habits. This information is [...]

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